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Friday, January 23, 2009

Kick him in the tail !!!!!!

This is part of an e-mail....I thought there was some good stuff here!!!

Why do I share inspiring messages like this one from Sophie? Because
I one day hope to get a similar one from you!

Now let's find out how you can get the enemy to actually help you
reach your goals.

How do you personally see "the enemy?" What do you think of when
you hear that name?

Do you think of the most evil entity of all, whose job it is to make
your time on earth a living hell -- and to make sure you end up in
the eternal one?

Virtually all cultures have a name for what we call the evil one,
the father of lies. The native Americans called him "the trickster."

But whatever we call him, there are four things we need to know
about him:

1. His mission is to make your life as much of a mess as possible.
2. He accomplishes his goals by getting you disconnected from God,
and by keeping you in fear and out of faith.
3. He is very good at his job, and has lots of dedicated helpers.
4. All of this can be used against him -- and FOR you.

Do you find that last statement amazing?

Well, it's really not. Here's why.

You see, since you already know what the enemy's mission is (to
make you unhappy and keep your focus off of God), then the enemy's
handiwork actually becomes very obvious.

Whenever you're feeling fearful, anxious, miserable, and out of
touch with God, just assume that the enemy has you in his sights.
Because he does.

But there's a way you can use this powerful negative force to your
own advantage.

And that's the very best kind of spiritual warfare. Because, just
like a judo master, you can learn to use your enemy's own strength
against him!

For example, many of us set healthy goals and use affirmations to
help us move our lives in a better direction. But all too often,
the enemy steps in and whispers in our ear that our goals are
unreachable, or that we just don't deserve them.

The result? We get discouraged, get anxious, or just give up.

We slip out of faith...and into fear.

Can the enemy force us to do this? No, he always needs our
"permission" to work his evil.

But can he tempt us to go from faith to fear by showing us "evidence"
of our failure? Absolutely! And he WILL do that -- every time we let
him get away with it!

That's why we are to live by FAITH, not sight.

My #1 personal goal is to live my life in total faith at all times.

But of course, whenever I make a declaration or affirmation in
support of this goal, I already KNOW that the enemy is listening,
and that he WILL come against me any way he can.

So I expect to be challenged.

But I also expect to be victorious, because I already know what's
going to happen, and I know that I will SEE it coming...IF I expect
to see it.

Forewarned is forearmed!

But will the enemy come against us where we are strong? No way!
He'll always go for our weak spots.

But that can also work in your favor!

Because the enemy is inadvertently going to HELP you pinpoint and
identify your own personal areas of vulnerability.

He will actually show you where you're weak!

He will tip you off to exactly where you need work. And once he
does, you get to use this very same information against him.

And knowing that helps you turn the tables, and trick the trickster!
Pretty cool, eh?

Now, instead of living in fear or worry of when / how you'll fall
off the wagon, you can actively and deliberately be looking for your
areas of maximum weakness -- and then celebrating your self-
discoveries when you find them.

Because you now have the exact information you need in order
to succeed!

How can you use this awareness in your own life?

First, remember that you should be EXPECTING substantial opposition
from the enemy to Any positive goals you set..

BUT you should also expect victory. In fact, if you DON'T expect
victory, then you really have no faith!

Yep, it's just that simple.

Because your belief in your own victory (using God's principles and
the powers He has already give you) IS faith.

On the other hand, if you believe in your own failure, you are
creating a state of fear.

And as I always tell my coaching clients, fear and worry are our
way of telling God we really don't trust Him and we don't think He
has things handled.

The truth is, God wants us to have it all. He wants to give us the
kingdom. And if we're not receiving it, it's because WE are somehow
blocking God's blessings.

This blockage comes in the form of fear, and at the root of any
fear is our OWN self-sabotaging belief.

So how do we find and fix the problem?

It's really pretty easy. Just watch where the enemy attacks you.
Then you know exactly what areas of your life you need to focus on
and strengthen!

Peace be with you, and may God bless your success!


Sharon Brumfield said...

I think I got this email from a Dr who's book I am reading.
The book is Losing Weight Gods Way.
THere are some pretty cool things in the book. I have enjoyed get the guys emails too.