Christian Internet Code of Ethics

As a Christian who is active on the internet, I hold myself to certain standards of conduct. They are: * I guard my online relationships * I am careful to visit websites that do not compromise my life in Christ * I take care that my written communications reflect Christ in my life * I guard my time to assure that my time online is kept in proper balance with the rest of my life

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


1. You shall not be in debt

2. You shall not spend more than you make

3. You shall not buy on credit

4. You shall not covet what others have

5. You shall not love money

6. You shall give regularly to your church

7. You shall give generously

8. You shall know your financial condition at all times

9. You shall have a reserve

10. You shall practice self-control.

This one is for me the hardest. Like many people we found ourselves in debt. We had just too many credit cards. Now we don't and I will never over indulge again. I promise Lord!!!

It cause so much stress in the home and it really showed me I wasn't relying on Jesus to be my all in all. I chose to look "outside" to fulfill me and we all know where that gets you.

I don't know who knows of Suzie Orman. But she really says it like this. Those of you who live on credit are living a lie. You are spending what you don't have, so you are living a lie. That really got me thinking about what I was doing. The hubs blames himself too because he was not really watching me. It is sorta like Adam and Eve in the garden. Eve eats the "apple" and Adam is right there standing next to her and says nothing.

We are on are way to be debt free. We will always for now at least have a house payment. But no more credit debit.


-:-Chanin-:- said...

Hi Susan, so you have a blogspot too? I have one but don't use it :) It seems people are blogging less and less (at least on xanga) and are just facebooking it.

Have a great day!!!!!

Christy of MommaOnTheMountain said...

This money thing is such a hard thing for me, and yet as I have really cleaved to God in my struggles he has blessed me so richly in my obedience. I find that through my deception and robbing Peter to pay Paul so that I can buy those couple more things at the store that I "need", I was robbing my husband of the dignity that he deserved and the honor that he should be getting as a provider. I was not setting the example for my children, and I was not be a blessing to the holy Father....

Very good post...I really enjoyed the theme you've created!

Anonymous said...

Hi SunnySusan! I tried leaving a comment quite awhile back, but it didn't seem to take. How are you? I like your layout. I'll be back again soon. ~Carolyn