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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Wherever did the time go?  I just finished grades for the first semester of 7th grade.  Amy is doing so well. Can I brag here?
She got A's in History, Bible, Science....B+ in Math(algebra and geometry)English Literature, and grammar.  This program is suiting her so well.  She loves the DVD program.  It also makes it alot easier for me.  I couldn't teach Math anyway.  I never understood algebra.  I love English and History and Science though.

I am very proud of my "little girl".  She is taller than me now.  I went to the doctor recently and found out I am 5' 1"  I always thought I was an inch taller...maybe I have shrunk?? LOL

If you are homeschooling, let me know what is going on with you all??

Ok wasn't going to do this but the accountability will be good for me.  I have another blog about my weight loss.  Go here


Sharon Brumfield said...

That is fantastic....I often wandered if Julia would have preferred that. Glad Amy is doing so well.
Going to check out the other blog...can't resist. :)

Oh Sew Good said...

It boggles my mind sometimes how time gets away on us. 1/2 way through. Ain't that somethin'! :)