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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Webster's dictionary says If you simplify something, you make it easier to understand or you remove the things which make it complex.  
In Genesis God said that it was not good that man should be alone. So He created Eve from the rib bone of Adam. Talk about really being a part of each other.... wow.  God created that first marriage.  The thought was and still is that a man and woman will leave their parents houses and cleave to one another.  Simple enough, right?  Yes, until one day when Eve was walking in the garden and confronted by Satan.  Complications set in.

Satan messed with Eve and she started to look outside of God and her marriage for fulfillment.  Satan tried to boost her self esteem saying she would be like God if she ate of the fruit of the tree.  Eve was deceived by his lies that God and her husband was just not enough. She ate and she gave some to Adam also.

This sin that was committed so very long ago by Adam and Eve complicated their lives for their lifetime and it continues to plague us even today.  

OK, let's get back to simplicity.  How do we simplify our lives and marriage?  How do we untangle ourselves from outside influences?  First we must seek God above all else.  He is our number one.  We have to spend time with Him and in His Word every day.  How else will we come to a meaningful relationship with Him if we do not spend time with Him.  We spend time with a friend to get to know them better, don't we?  It is the same in our relationship with God.  As we do spend this time our trust will start to grow and our doubts subside. We have to replace the lies of Satan with the Truth of God Almighty.  We are so greatly loved by God...go read Col 3:12, Rom 1:7, IThes 1:4, Eph 2:4

We can simplify our marriages by getting rid of other thoughts and opinions of what our marriage "should" be like. Don't listen to Oprah, The View or what the soap operas view as a "wonderful marriage".  We are to submit to our God given husbands and we are to both seek after His will with our whole beings...our hearts...our minds...our souls.  Follow the Lord in His leading and His plan for our lives with our husbands....not some romance novel story you have read and by the way there are some great Christian novels our there....please read those.  My favorite so far is "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers.  Can I say awesome, ladies??!!

To wrap this up, a simple marriage to me is God, your man, kids if that is His will for you.  What else do you need?

Posted this after reading an article from  Exemplify Plagiarism intended 


Oh Sew Good said...

Excellent article Susan. I've also read that book and found it excellent as well. :)

Ronel Sidney said...


LouAnne said...

Hi Susan! I can't believe I "ran" into you here. I used to follow you on Xanga a while back. :-) Good to be reconnected!

Excellent article!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Changing the way I think is the biggest thing I fight against. I am so glad that God gave me such a patient husband...don't know what I would do without him.
And that of my all time favorites! I have purchased at least 5 of them to pass out...and I think at least 5 have read my copy.
Wish she would write something again along those lines.The background is Ireland...long ago.
Liz Curtis Higgs has some great historical novels based on Rachael and Leah in the Bible